Friday, March 28, 2008

116) Spontaneous

...... I am a spontaneous person. I think that defined who I am. We call it "AL Fetra" by Islamic term. It means as you were innately created by God. It is like a deep voice coming from the purest place inside you. That voice tells you the truth and what to do. Some people heart so clear and loud. Some doesn't they lose it by thins and lies.

Thank good I can hear the voice most of the time.

..... I like to be spontaneous. That helps me to know how I feel about every thing in life. That makes me unique. I think to be spontaneous is like you live your life in a pluses mode not a ton mode.

Years ago my English teacher asked the class to write a paragraph about a tour in a balloon with tourists. I forgot all about it and I came to class late that day.

- Where is your paper?
- Oh sir, I didn't do it.
- So improvise.
- But sir I am not prepared to this specially with using a foreign language.
- You have 5 minuets to gather your thoughts.

I closed my eyes pretending that I am in a balloon with tourist and start talking. It was a great moment for me.

- I knew you can do it. Keep going.
- That is why I forgive you when you come late to my class, because you can handle any situation you face with ease and success.

My teacher wanted to explain why he forgives only me to the class for coming late. He thought that I enrich the class with my spontaneous behavior.

That was the first time to know the word "Spontaneous" literally and meaningfully.

...You will feel free, young, peaceful inside and you will know who you really are.
It is the simple way to be honest with your self ….

......... .....Just be Spontaneous.


الربان said...


I agree with you and did enjoy reading the article.

Best regards,

L.G. said...

كالمعتاد سيدي
أشكرك ولو أني بعد قراءتي لها ثانية وجدت أخطاء في القواعد اللغوية والتدقيق الاملائي ولكن ذاك معروف عني في اللغة الانجليزية
وأحمد الله أنها لا توجد بالعربية وهي همي الأول
لو كل انسان يبقى نفسه حنلاقي ناس مميزة كتير