Wednesday, March 5, 2008

95) L.G.

For who didn't know what L.G stand for.


That is my real name in life. Like the ancient Indian Americans they have names describe their characters. I want to have my own Indian name someday.

So I had a friend in a time of my life. He was a foreigner native speaker of English languish. He was a very kind person to me and also he was my manager. He is a very intelligent man, Very enlightened. After I watched "Dancing with wolves" I usually look for every one real name.

If life gives you a name what it would be?. So in a working day.. very bad one in fact. I was so sad and my friend –manager- pate on my shoulders when I talked to him.

I will never forget his words to me

- I don't talk to you sir as complaining.

He said- yes I know.. You just want to know there is someone there for you.

Ya at that moment he was there for me. So I called him "Patting on shoulders"
After some time I quit my job and asking him for a recommendation letter. He agreed and when I saw him he gave me the letter. He was smiling so I got the courage and ask him

- sir would you please give me an Indian name?
He replayed: what!!
- Like the movie sir.
- Oh yah
- let me think about it.

After an e-mail he replayed with my Indian name for life.
Long grass with falling rain.

He looked up for what I represent in life or how he can see me as a person. It was a greet e-mail so rare to have such e-mails.

It was a short story about Indian troops the grass is so important for their life as their cattle's lived on it and they lived with this cattle's.. As it provide them with food and clothes. The grass when it is short it bends with winds and heavy rains. But after a while it grows long, can stand up high and tolerates wind and the rain without binding any more.
He wanted to tell me that at my time in work I faced difficulties and maybe I bended to the ground. But I never die and I will grow out of this and become a long grass that will never bind again.

I wish I could be long grass as he describes me. That sustains lives around it. I hope. But my dear dear friend it didn't stop raining yet.


Dedicated to P.S.


Jana said...

mmmm I got it now
that's realy a great name
to discribe you
I see u as a long grass from now even with the heavy rain
but be sure my dear it will stop someday 'll be longer, stronger and more colouring

I did like the name u gave to your foreigner friend

you gave me one too but it was in arabic
I wonder if u can find me an Indian one too
I enjoyed reading this one so much
and i'm going to change your name in my blog

Note :
cause I know your real name i found out that the mix of the two names is also a great discribtion for you
cant u see!!?? "your name" the rain whatever strong it was

L.G. said...

جنى الحبيبة
بعد أكثر من ثلاثة سنوات اكتب لك هنا لست ادري لماذا ؟
انت بالنسبة لي حلقة وصل
هذا اسمك الهندي بس بالعربي برضه
لأنك تصلين بيني وبين عالم التدوين واشخاصه احيانا ارجع اليك لأستمد منك دماء التواصل واربط نفسي بذاك العالم مرة اخري أسعدني ردك واسعدني قراءته مرة اخرى بعد سنين

اسعدني وجودك في عالمي التدويني
نسرين .. تحياتي
حتى وإن لم تقرأي ذلك الرد